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Larry Rosebaugh

Gunned Down in Guatemala--Presente!

the first time I met Fr. Larry Rosebaugh he had come to visit me in the Washington, DC jail where I was locked up for demonstrating against Ronald Reagan's war policies in Central America. I had not met him before so when this "look what the cat dragged in" looking character was sitting across from me in the visiting room I thought it was a homeless guy who had heard about our protest. It was only then that I discovered I was in the presence of one of the most remarkable souls to ever come along. 

Larry started down the road of compassionate resistance as a member of the Milwaukee 14-- one of many draft board raids during the late sixties that literally made potential draftees disappear by removing their files from selective service offices and burning them with homemade napalm. He spent most of his life living with the poorest of the poor on the streets in ghettos in Central and South America. While living with street kids in Recife, Brazil he was arrested and tortured. Later he was able to share his story with Rosalynn Carter who happened to be in Brazil on a humanitarian trip when she was the First Lady. Another dramatic protest he took place in was when he climbed into a tree at Fort Benning, Georgia with Fr. Roy Bourgeoi and Linda Ventimiglia, and played a recording of Bishop Oscar Romero's last sermon before he was gunned downed, to Salvadoran troops who had come to the School of the Americas for training. All of the soldiers who heard the recording were dismissed from the army because they could no longer be trusted to follow orders. Larry was killed in Guatemla City yesterday when he was shot to death during a car jacking. Read more about his amazing life in this obituary that ran in the Milwaukee Journal.


Diary of a Cyber Bedouin


Our hearts and minds are with the people in the Eastern USA (including many friends) as they recover from the devastation of hurricane Sandy.  I just returned to Palestine after a trip to the USA though not to the affected areas.

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The oil we eat



This piece by Richard Manning in  Harper's Magazine back in 2004 is simply one of the best articles I have ever read. It is the clearest explanation I have seen describing the nexus between cheap energy and the global food supply. Read it and weep.  Read it and think. Think hard. In the end it will all boil down to our ability to feed ourselves. If you are under the illusion that food comes from the grocery store you may not get this. The change is coming faster than we think. It is time to get to know your farmer. 



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Free Range Chickens

This is how we move chickens through a field after cattle have grazed it down. 20% of the chicken's feed comes from grass and insects
.Check out the photos here.


Power of Pee

The New York Times recently ran a story praising China for the very sensible practice of turning human waste into fertilizer for farms and gardens. We've been doing this at the farm for over twenty years. Now you can learn how to do it at your home.


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